We believe in integrating your business process and technology to enhance user experience and productivity through innovation and creativity.

Our business philosophy is to give our clients and customers value-added products and services and to partner with them in their growth and success story. We believe in long term business relationships and most of our business comes from clients who have stayed with us for years.


Route Management

Route management module manages routes for your fleet. The module creates routes and attach your bus fleet with various routes with their boarding and drop off points.

Attach Bus to Route

You can attach any number of buses to the route or share buses with different routes and packages.

Bus Facility Configurator

Configure your buses facilitates before attaching to routes for better customer experience.

Dynamic Bus Layout Configurator

Create and configure your layout of your buses with a click. Dynamic bus layout configurator does the job for you .

Dynamic seat Layout

Create bus seat layout with our automatic bus seat layout tool based on your bus capacity


The Software comes with customisable dashboard for real-time revenues, bus seat status and other options. User centric dashboard gives you an insight to your business and helps you to make operational and management decisions for fleet operators. Agents also gets their customisable dashboards for their package and bus seat management

  • Integrated Business Intelligence

    Busbooking pro has built in business intelligence and analytics for your operational efficacy and business insights

  • Bus revenue

    Real time bus and package revenue to plan and forecast your business

  • Ticket Bookings

    Real-time view of ticket booking status with revenue

  • Real time seat Status Based on pre-set Days

    Live view of occupancy based on route and packages for set number of days

  • Useful tool to make business decisions

    Customisable dashboard to make real-time business decision


Create Routes

Attach Bus to Routes

Manage Pickup & drop off point

Pick up & drop off point with time

Use multiple bus in a route


Bus booking pro has user centric UI design to enhance the customer with a seamless booking experience. You can reserve your seats to add add-ons to your packages. The web interface can integrate with different payment gateway like PayPal, BPoint etc based on your custom requirements.

  • Web Bookings with Real-time Availability

    View real time seat availability.

  • Seat Booking

    Book seats based on your preference based on dynamic seat

  • Real time Seat availability

    Real time seat availability of your buses and packages for our Agents

  • Customisable voucher

    Option to create discount coupon codes to be used for online bookings based on validity

  • Add on booking

    Create add-ons for your packages and give your customers the options to use it while bookings seats and packages

  • E-ticket

    Automatic E-ticket and confirmation for bookings for users

  • Manage bookings

    Manage booking for agents with options to change dates and booking details

  • User - manage booking

    Self-manage booking for users using their logins

  • Step-by-step booking process

    The feature includes selection of destination, select tours, seat reservation, add-ons, and payment options

  • Secure Credit Card Transactions

    Can integrate with any payment gateway like PayPal, visa

  • Agent Logins via Web based interface

    Cloud based agent logins for bookings and tour package management


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Bus booking pro comes with agent management module to create and manage agents. They also will have role based access to the system to create and manage bookings .

  • Create Agents

  • Agent Management

  • Agent Logins via web for bookings and real-time availability information

  • Allocate seat for Agents

  • Commission Managed by Rules

  • Commission for packages

  • Commission for add-on products

  • Automatic commission calculation

  • Agent Dashboard

  • Real time bus seat view

  • Agent (on account ) button / Pay button


Create add-ons with ease. Our add-on creating tool will allow you to create add-ons with or without pricing options. You can attach the add-on to a packages with or without pricing options.

  • Create addons

  • Create add on headings and products

  • Enable and disable add on features

  • Manage add-on features

  • Add-on settings

  • Add-on for agents

  • Add-on item based commission for Agents


Bus booking pro standard version comes with comprehensive set of reports to manage your day to day operations. We also do customised reports based on client requirements.

  • Passenger Manifest

  • Passenger and add-on details combined reports

  • Automatic Booking confirmation email

  • E ticket by email and print

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Remote Hosting

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